A leader in AI-powered, automated predictions and monitoring in renewable energy.

Fast Deployment. Highly Scalable. Minimizes Downtime.

Defect Review

Inspect solar panels in real-time and identify scratches, cracks, bubbles, inclusions, and contact forming errors that could affect efficiency and lead to premature failure. 


Smarter Maintenance

With our in-platform data visualization, you’re able to see the probability of failure for each asset which provides insight for maintenance prioritization.

Maximize Equipment Life

Maximize the useful life of costly capital equipment assets by acting on maintenance alerts from your Averroes platform.

Continuous Learning

Don't settle for a visual inspection tool with pre-configured defects. Much like humans, Averroes AI models can continually improve from a stream of data and inspectors' input. We mimic human inspectors' ability to continuously acquire and fine-tune the inspection model.

No-Code Model Generation

With a few images, Averroes lets you train and deploy a high accuracy, custom AI model that fit your use case. Unlike traditional visual inspection solutions in the market, Averroes AI model continuously learns
and adapts.

All Your Inspection Data at a Glance

Stay on track and review defects, faster with Averroes real-time, cloud-based dashboards.. Get a high-level overview of all your runs with customizable dashboards.

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